Unlike the prescribed teaching, the one of the San Valentino Golf Club is based on the close play, sector that's often not considered by the amateurs, in order to move gradually to the composition of the long play. The short play is for learning and controlling the right position at the moment of the impact.

The San Valentino golf Club's colts are tagged behind with a personal teaching programme aimed at the construction of a technically right swing. The improvement should be gradual and progressive.

2014's Golf Promotion
All weeks special promotional courses are organized for amateurs of every age with first-class teachers. These courses are open also to the non members. The course is structured into six lessons (5/6 colts for each group), each one of which lasts 2 hours. During them all the aspects of the play: Putting, Chipping, Lobbing, Bunker, Long Play are covered with the aid of videocamers and computers for a technical analysis of the swing.

Courses' cost:
Junior 105,00

The hiring of any necessary equipment is included.
Golf School "Franco Giacotto".
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